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Rockstar Keynote Speaker mission is to help matching women keynote speakers with conferences, events, panels, and public speaking opportunities worldwide in this male-dominated industry. We also coach aspiring to-be rockstar speakers, female and male alike, in our mission to create equality and fair opportunities. Do you want to make a difference? If you are an event organiser or if you are an aspiring keynote speaker who got something to say but lacking a stage, contact us to help you make that difference!

Rockstar keynote speaker is lead by Chris J Reed, the only CEO with a Mohawk and 3 times best-selling author. Under All Black Ventures, Chris leads Black Marketing, the world’s most recommended LinkedIn marketing agency. Chris knows a thing or two about public speaking and got wide exposure and connections in the marketing industry. Chris is also a vastly experienced LinkedIn and Personal Branding Masterclass Leader, event speaker, emcee & chairperson. Chris lectures at The University of Hong Kong Business School,  The Chinese University of Hong Kong Business School and National University of Singapore Business School to MBA students. Chris also mentors for the CMO Council/Singapore Management University Business School and is Chair of the Marketing Committee of the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce.

What do we offer

Aspiring female and male speakers to be 
Do you want to speak in front of a large audience at a conference event but do not have the opportunity? Or do you want to brush up your boardroom presentations and impress your client and colleagues? Do you want to deliver an impactful and memorable speech or presentation, best matched your audience, medium, and platform of choice?

We offer speaker coaching and guidance, to help you, the aspiring female and make keynote speaker to become the rockstar you are meant to be. With our guidance you will learn about presentation skills, become confident at public speaking and learn how to best use your medium and platform of choice to deliver your message. We will also help you to build your thought leadership in your audience and followers and promote your superstar status on social media.

Event, Conferences and Panels organisers
There is inequality on today’s public stages. More conferences, events and panels are male dominated, featuring the same speakers with the same message all over again. It is not that females are not good enough to speak on stage. It is not that there are not enough women speakers. They are not being promoted and are not chosen. There is an imbalance because of the old boys network and comfortable choices made by corporations, nonprofits and conference/event organisers who all prefer male dominated panels and male keynote speakers. Do you want to make a difference? To you want to make a change and impact? 

For the events, conferences and panel organisers we help you finding your next keynote speakers to rock your audience. We promote up and coming female and male speakers who are otherwise overlooked.

We have teamed up with, amongst others Keynote – Asia Women Speakers to help promote female speakers to the right audience.

Find your right fit

For aspiring rockstar keynote speakers contact us for the following services:

  • Coaching on public appearance and speaking
  • Building your thought leadership and establishing your professional brand on social media
  • Matching you with conferences, events, and organisers

For event organisers:

  • Find your next rockstar keynote speaker for a wide variety of topics

Lubov Vasilieva

Managing Director, HRS Group, Russia

Incredible speaker. Chris’ LinkedIn keynote at HRS was an eye-opener! The tips and insights that Chris provided is definitely a great help in setting up a great LinkedIn profile. He is the master of LinkedIn marketing. Will definitely recommend him!

Elisabetta Giulietti

Head of Hotel Account Management DACH

It’s rare that you come across standout LinkedIn expert like Chris. I had the pleasure of attending the HRS keynote and listening to Chris share his professional perspective of the importance of personal branding. He is indeed the go-to man for all things LinkedIn. I would definitely recommend him!

Maryna Chadaś

Account Support Manager

Chris was giving a speech or better to say practical training during #hrskickoff about LinkedIn profile value. He also gave specific practical recommendation on how to use network of LinkedIn. Chris has power to keep audience interested and to follow the topic. Chris, thank you for opening for me higher level of LinkedIn usage. For a positive humour explosion and your great book.

Olimpia Best

Head of Global Recruiting & Employer Branding

I had such a great time at Chris’ LinkedIn keynote at the HRS summit. Indeed it was packed with many great insights and tips on how to utilise LinkedIn to its full potential. I can’t wait to apply the tips that I gained through it and work on my own personal branding. Chris is definitely the rock star LinkedIn keynote speaker!

Mary Oxley

Business Development, DHL Globale

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to see Chris Reed in action at a recent Prime Time Event in Singapore. Highly engaging and energetic and so passionate about helping others succeed. I cannot recommend Chris high enough, if you have the opportunity to attend one of his events do not hesitate

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