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Black Marketing is the World No.1 LinkedIn Marketing, Rock Star Personal Branding, Content Marketing, and Social Selling Firm, Established in 2013.

With 1,900 LinkedIn Recommendations, 1000,000 LinkedIn Followers, 4 No.1 International Best Selling Books on LinkedIn and Personal Branding, a LinkedIn Power Profile and an Official Forbes Business Council Member writing about LinkedIn and personal branding, Black Marketing Founder and Global CEO Chris J Reed is The World No.1 LinkedIn Marketing and Personal Branding Expert on LinkedIn.

Chris is one of the most talked-about LinkedIn Power Profiles and infamously known as “The Only CEO With A Mohawk”, recognised globally by his Mohawk.

Chris has 4 Official No.1 International Bestselling Books “Personal Branding Mastery For Entrepreneurs”, “LinkedIn Mastery For Entrepreneurs”, “Social Selling Mastery for Entrepreneurs”, and his latest “How To Become A LinkedIn Rock Star”.

All Chris’s books are available on Spotify, Amazon, Kindle, Audible, Apple Music and Google and his masterclasses are available on YouTube.

Black Marketing and Chris have won countless industry awards. They are the No.1 Global LinkedIn Marketing Experts with an unprecedented 1,900 LinkedIn Recommendations for their work.

Mohawk Marketing

Business Advice With A Spike

Whether you are looking for advice on how to become an entrepreneur or become a keynote speaker, enhance your executive career or become a thought leader, best selling author or start your business Mohawk Marketing can help you.

You may not want a fully retained service from Black Marketing or even be able to afford it. That’s where Mohawk Marketing comes in. You get my unbridled and direct advice for as long as you want. One hour, 10 hours. Entirely up to you. I’d love to help you with pragmatic and honest business advice. Let me know how.

Chris J Reed Mastery

Masterclasses that Engage, Delight, Educate and Entertain

Learn from the only LinkedIn Power Profile Winner 6 years running on how you can transform your LinkedIn to achieve all of your objectives in a professional context and enable your company to achieve it’s objectives too. Based on both his No.1 International Bestselling Books “LinkedIn Mastery For Entrepreneurs” and “Personal Branding Mastery For Entrepreneurs” Chris’s Masterclasses engage, delight, educate and entertain.


  • Get yourself and your team trained in all aspects of LinkedIn
  • Learn LinkedIn best practices and how to market on social media
  • Enable your team with practical use straight after the session
  • Customise our offering to your needs

Chris J Reed

The Only CEO with a Mohawk!

Chris J Reed is the Only CEO With A Mohawk! He is also the most recommended LinkedIn marketing entrepreneur on LinkedIn with over 1900 LinkedIn recommendations.
Chris is also a four times No.1 International Bestselling Author with his books “Personal Branding Mastery for Entrepreneurs”, “LinkedIn Mastery for Entrepreneurs”, the No.1 book about LinkedIn on Amazon, “Social Selling Mastery For Entrepreneurs”, and his latest “How To Become A LinkedIn Rock Star”.

Chris is also the most controversial LinkedIn marketing entrepreneur and CEO in Singapore. Appearing on the front page of local newspapers for the wrong and right reasons, saying what he thinks and engaging happily on LinkedIn and in the marketing and business press has created a classic “marmite” personal brand. Love him or hate him he’s making a mark! Mumbrella called Chris “the most colorful marketing founder”.

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